Blacktop Paving believes it is important to develop a pavement management plan to maximize the life of your asphalt surface.

Blacktop by Beede Paving offers complete asphalt repair. Our repair services include large or small asphalt repairs, asphalt milling of existing sites with new asphalt overlay, repair of potholes, in addition to any asphalt projects requiring ADA compliance updates or repair. We are also doing our part for the environment by investing in new technology that now offers you “Green Paving Solutions” for all of your asphalt repairs that minimize our footprint on the environment. This investment in new equipment allows us to produce 100% recycled asphalt on-site, allowing us to quickly make needed repairs to damaged areas or potholes. You no longer need to use wasteful cold patch repair products that leave unsightly repairs that don’t last. Now you can have a ”quality hot mix repair” that will restore that unsightly damaged area or pot hole into a durable, functional and visually appealing surface. We also offer a full complement of asphalt maintenance services that include crack filling and sealcoating to protect your investment, in addition to striping services. Contact us to discuss your next asphalt repair project.

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