Green Paving Solutions

Blacktop Paving is doing our part! We now offer GREEN asphalt paving repairs including the ability and the equipment to use 100% recycled asphalt on site and make repairs to damaged areas or potholes.

We can now offer “Green Paving Solutions” to our customers that result in environmentally friendly paving solutions in addition to green savings of the dollar kind. We can provide you a new asphalt overlay by milling the existing asphalt and making any base layer repairs that may be needed. The milled "Recycled Asphalt Pavement" (RAP) generated during the milling operation is then heated up, rejuvenated with specially designed additives and polymers, and recycled into new asphalt at the plant for use in your project. Our Bagela asphalt recycler uses the same process that the big plants use to produce new “Hot Mix Asphalt” that is then used to repair your pothole or damaged asphalt surface, restoring it’s useful function, all while preserving our natural resources! This alternative with environmentally sound solutions may be the answer for your next project. Contact us to discuss your next project and learn more about this exciting new cost effective solution to your asphalt repair needs. Go GREEN with Blacktop by Beede Paving.

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