Blacktop Paving has the combined experience and knowledge for all your commercial concrete construction needs.

Concrete is one of the most economical, versatile and durable building materials available. Blacktop Paving can deliver a complete commercial parking lot starting with the lot grading, base installation, paving, concrete curbing, and ADA compliant Handicap stalls , ramps, and sidewalks. Concrete, like asphalt is also one of the most “green” products available in the construction industry. Blacktop Paving uses recycled concrete as road base on many of our commercial and residential projects in an effort to protect our natural resources for future generations. Whether you need a complete new commercial parking lot, concrete repairs, including the removal of cracked or crumbling concrete slabs, aprons, and curbs, or “trip hazard” repairs for commercial insurance compliance, Blacktop Paving is your solution. Contact us to discuss your next commercial concrete project.

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